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ICSA Visits: Ocorian Mauritius promotes company secretarial initiatives

22 Nov 2018

At Ocorian's Mauritius office this week, company secretarial matters received exceptional attention with key happenings coinciding with the visit of Simon Osborne and Theresa Minnie, respectively, CEO and Head of Outreach of ICSA: The Governance Institute.

Empowering students - Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators (ICSA)

On Tuesday 13th November, Ocorian offices in Ebene hosted a Q&A evening session for Mauritius students to discuss the revised ICSA qualifying programme and its implications. Mrs Minnie’s intervention was highly appreciated as she explained the details of the transition arrangements towards the new ICSA qualification. On his part, Mr Osborne dwelt on the changes within ICSA as it moves to embrace, more fully, questions pertaining to corporate governance as depicted by the organisation’s new brand, The Governance Institute.

Company Secretaries Circle

On Thursday 15th November, the Company Secretaries Circle of Mauritius met once again for its bi-monthly meeting at Ocorian headquarters, but this time under the auspicious presence of Simon Osborne. Back in 2015, and upon the instigation of the Mauritius Institute of Directors, Ocorian (at that time ABAX) was instrumental in setting up the Circle as the first initiative amongst company secretarial practitioners in the jurisdiction to come together as a unified forum. Additionally, Ocorian has been providing the required logistics for the meetings of the Circle ever since its creation.

The Circle’s mandate is to articulate collaboration with other stakeholders such as the Registrar of Companies and the Mauritius Institute of Directors, advocate for desired regulatory changes and more generally share insights and best practices regarding company secretarial and corporate governance matters.

Invited to share his thoughts after Thursday’s meeting of the Circle, Mr. Osborne said:

“It is always valuable to have a joint meeting of corporate secretaries and governance professionals on the one hand and directors on the other. The first benefit is that it promotes communication and understanding. Where a group like this is also useful is the potential it has to promote good governance by issuing guidance notes. I know, from talking to members of the Circle that it is the next stage they want to get to.”

Referring to the “Westminster-style statutes” most commonly found in business jurisdictions, Mr. Osborne added:

“Where there is a case to encourage better practice going beyond the legal minimum, I think a group like this Circle can be a very powerful force for good.”

ICSA Mauritius Conference - What was covered?

Company secretarial and governance matters were to be in the limelight again at the ICSA Mauritius Conference on Friday 16th November. The event included a keynote address from Mr. Osborne entitled 'Technological innovation and the implications for good governance', with the crux of the conference focussing on the new challenges facing the company secretary in a fast-evolving regulatory landscape. Company secretarial practitioners, representatives of regulatory bodies, corporate lawyers and company directors across a wide spectrum of the Mauritius domestic and global business sectors attended.

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