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Ocorian's John Félicité meets with South African ex-President FW De Klerk

02 Oct 2018

FW De Klerk was South African President from 1989-94. He oversaw the demolition of the racial segregation apartheid system within South Africa, collaborating with Nelson Mandela to try and establish non-racial democracy within the country. In 1993, he jointly received the Nobel Peace Prize with Mandela.

On De Klerk's most recent visit to the UK, Ocorian Director John Félicité sat with the ex-President for lunch by way of invitation from PwC's African desk. The lunch introduced FW to the companies in London who are focussed on the development of Africa.

Mr De Klerk referred to Africa as the 'awakening giant', expressing the need for sound, capable governance on the continent. FW is part of the Global Leadership Foundation (GLF), a network of 45 former leaders who make available their experience for today's national leaders, drawn together by a desire to give something back to the world. 

As African markets continue to attract substantial interest from foreign investors, FW recognised that the continent now has the chance to shunt itself into the world's economic limelight and with that, improve the quality of life for its population. FW made the explicit point of the quality of governance being the key to solving three of Africa's main issues:

  • The management of diversity in society
  • The management of the income gap across countries (he sees education for all as key to the solution)
  • The lack of concern for climate change

Following the meeting, John Félicité commented: "It was an honour to meet someone who was an integral part of such major change in South Africa. The GLF will prove to be an invaluable contributor to the political and economic progress of the African continent and I am thrilled that Ocorian's African service offerings are facilitating investments that have a positive impact within Africa."

Ocorian have African offices in Côte d'Ivoire, South Africa and Mauritius, providing a wide range of private client, corporate and fiduciary services to companies looking to establish or expand their business in Africa.

To discuss Ocorian's African offering and how we can help you, contact John Félicité.