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Rising numbers in the DIFC funds regime
2019 | 11 Mar 2019

Manager of Alternative Investments - UAE, Kathryn Miller, adds colour to recent statistics revealing the increased popularity of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) as a destination for fund establishment.

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Calling all Irish trustees - are you complying with new beneficial ownership legislation?
2019 | 06 Mar 2019

Senior Manager, Elaine Kennedy explores the implications of the European Union (Anti-Money Laundering: Beneficial Ownership of Trusts) Regulations 2019 on Irish trustees.

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Introducing: Jersey International Savings Plans
2019 | 05 Mar 2019

The new International Savings Plan (ISP) vehicle is a welcome addition to the employee benefits market, serving multinational and international companies wishing to establish a flexible savings arrangement.

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8 ways good corporate governance creates company value
2019 | 04 Mar 2019

Regional Head of our AMEA Business Development, Nousrath Bhugeloo, examines the key benefits of good corporate governance.

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Singapore Budget 2019: Sustaining growth through economic transformation
2019 | 28 Feb 2019

Managing Director of our Singapore office, John Tan, details the main points emerging from the Singapore Budget 2019.

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Ocorian CEO Stuart Layzell talks to Business Magazine Mauritius
2019 | 18 Feb 2019

Business Magazine Mauritius caught up with Ocorian CEO, Stuart Layzell to discuss our operations on the African continent.

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Changing times - How foundations are changing private wealth management in the UAE
2019 | 07 Feb 2019

Wealthy families in the UAE now have local solutions for managing their wealth, assets and succession plans.

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First Ocorian Forum explores vital role of Mauritius in enabling Africa's prosperity
2019 | 06 Feb 2019

The first in a series of Ocorian Forums revealed the strength of Mauritius' role as a major partner to the UK and EU in facilitating economic growth in Africa.

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Flying high: Is the aviation finance industry set to soar in 2019?
2019 | 25 Jan 2019

Dublin is currently playing host to aviation week, welcoming well over 4000 delegates across the Airline Economics and Airfinance Journal conferences.

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New UAE domestic fund agreement shows promise for global investors
2019 | 24 Jan 2019

It will soon be possible to license and promote a domestic fund that is regulated under one jurisdiction, across the UAE. Kathryn Miller explores the benefits...

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Luxembourg introduces a Beneficial Owners Register
2019 | 22 Jan 2019

The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg has introduced a Beneficial Owners Register, the Registre des Beneficiaires Effectifs ("RBE").

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How a surge in airline defaults is driving restructuring activity in securitisations
2018 | 19 Jan 2019

With a number of high profile airlines defaulting on loans and falling into liquidation, restructuring activity in securitisations is continuing to increase across the aviation financing industry.

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Restrictions on brought forward losses for general partner vehicles - Does offshoring provide the solution?
2019 | 16 Jan 2019

Despite lobbying from the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVCA) amongst others, HMT have recently confirmed that no concessions will be granted to general partner (GP) vehicles in respect of the legislative amendments to UK corporati...

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Going places: Dubai announces largest ever fiscal budget and triples the size of its financial centre
2019 | 15 Jan 2019

In another move to augment Dubai as a financial centre of choice, it has revealed plans to triple the size of the existing Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) free zone and allocate a record budget for expenditures.

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What does African trade finance look like in 2019?
2019 | 08 Jan 2019

We spoke to Deepesh Patel, a writer at Trade Finance Global, a leading global firm specialising in trade and receivables finance, about some of 2018's key events impacting future trade on the African continent.

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New LLC legislation set to attract further U.S. investment to Jersey
2018 | 18 Dec 2018

In a bid to attract further US investment and enhance Jersey's pan-Atlantic relationship with the US, Jersey's new Limited Liability Company (LLC) Law will enable investors to establish LLCs on the Island for the first time.

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UK Real Estate Capital Gains Tax Implications for Non-UK Residents
2018 | 17 Dec 2018

On 7th November 2018 the UK Government published the UK Finance (No 3) Bill (the "Bill") which contained details of the upcoming changes to the charging of Capital Gains Tax ("CGT") to Non-UK-Residents upon the disposal of either directly held UK Real Estat...

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9 Benefits of Offshore Maritime Structuring
2018 | 12 Dec 2018

As part of their international financing structures, entities such as banks, commercial ship owners, fund managers, commercial ship managers and joint ventures, often choose to use offshore arrangements for administering and holding their maritime investments.

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Wealth preservation and transmission in Côte d’Ivoire
2018 | 29 Nov 2018

Kenny Curpen, Director of Private Client at Ocorian Mauritius debriefs on his presentation focussing on wealth preservation and transmission at the SEIP Conference in Côte d’Ivoire last month.

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Long-term visa system approved in UAE
2018 | 28 Nov 2018

In a bid to engineer a more attractive investment environment, the UAE Cabinet has approved a long-term visa system for a range of disciplines including investors and entrepreneurs and has provided the criteria that need to be met for in order to qualify.

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Explored: The Role of a Facility Agent
2018 | 19 Nov 2018

Following the recent introduction of Ocorian's Facility Agency capabilities to accompany our existing suite of corporate trust products, Ocorian's Director of Transaction Management, Chris Wilson, examines the key elements of the role in the evolving loan m...

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Why is now the time to invest in Dubai real estate?
2018 | 14 Nov 2018

It is now increasingly easier and affordable to own real estate within the Emirate of Dubai...

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Update: More details released for long-awaited UAE Foreign Direct Investment Law
2018 | 08 Nov 2018

The Decree Law no.19 of 2018 (or FDI Law) will change the business landscape within the UAE, catalysing Foreign Direct Ownership (FDI) within the country.

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Family governance in the UAE - DIFC Foundations
2018 | 06 Nov 2018

In March 2018 the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) introduced the Foundations Law DIFC Law No. 3 of 2018, for the establishment of foundations in the DIFC.

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10 reasons for setting up a Family Office
2018 | 05 Nov 2018

There are an ever increasing number of Family Offices being set up by wealthy families. Below we take a quick look at some of the main reasons these offices are being set up...

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Mauritius - Africa's investment hub
2018 | 31 Oct 2018

As a renewed 'scramble for Africa' sees foreign investment pouring into the continent from governments and businesses across the world, Mauritius' role as an International Finance Centre is becoming integral for entities wishing to invest in the continent.

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Explained: UAE Free Zones
2018 | 30 Oct 2018

As a result of it being a federal requirement to have at least 51% of the shares of a company held by a UAE national, free zones were established in order to attract foreign businesses to the region wishing to have full control of their business.

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How import substitution is transforming the African manufacturing industry
2018 | 24 Oct 2018

In an effort to decrease their dependence on developed countries, numerous African nations are employing a strategy of 'Import Substitution Industrialisation' (ISI) to increase their self-sufficiency in the manufacturing industry and stimulate domestic prod...

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Dubai Skyline.jpeg
Why do business in the UAE?
2018 | 23 Oct 2018

As trade tensions and security issues continue to stunt corporate growth within the developed world, increasing amounts of foreign investors are looking towards the UAE as a destination in which to conduct business.

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Conflict within wealthy families - why does it happen?
2018 | 18 Oct 2018

Following Prestel and Partners' Family Office Forum in London, Richard Joynt explores the key themes discussed surrounding intergenerational conflict when wealth is transferred within wealthy families.

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Regulatory Update: Changes to the Cayman Islands' AML legislation
2018 | 16 Oct 2018

Those with Cayman domiciled investment vehicles need to act now to ensure they are compliant with recent changes to the Cayman Islands' Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regime.

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Why the asset-backed securities market is flourishing in the US
2018 | 10 Oct 2018

Following the recent ABS East Conference in Florida, Ocorian's Associate Director of Product Development, Sinead McIntosh, highlights the salient points impacting the burgeoning US asset-backed securities industry.

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A Land of Opportunity: Why is the UK investing in Africa?
2018 | 09 Oct 2018

As the UK government and business leaders continue to face uncertainty over Brexit and pursue a 'Global Britain' vision, Africa is finding increased favour as a destination for UK investment.

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Brexit Pawns.jpeg
A potential Brexit no deal for the asset management industry? Keep calm and carry on
2018 | 19 Sep 2018

As the UK Government continues to grapple with the EU over a suitable deal for both parties, Ocorian's Richard Hansford explores how the asset management industry is dealing with being in Brexit limbo.

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Enhanced oversight of Dutch trust offices
2018 | 11 Sep 2018

Following the Dutch Parliament's approval of a revised Dutch Trust Offices Supervision Act 2018, the integrity procedures of trust offices will come under increased scrutiny from the Dutch Central Bank...

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Web Shareable pt 3 PC.png
Part Three - Cultural sensitivity in Family Offices
2018 | 10 Sep 2018

With a growing spectrum of clientele hailing from a diverse array of backgrounds, Family Office professionals need to engender a greater degree of cultural sensitivity.

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International Fund Structures: Could the Cayman Islands 'Trump' Delaware?
2018 | 06 Sep 2018

Following Trump's H.R.1. legislation, which is considered to be the most significant overhaul of the US tax system in the past 30 years, Delaware faces stiff competition from the Cayman Islands as the primary domicile of choice for closed-ended investment f...

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Nurturing young talent - An intern's view
2018 | 31 Aug 2018

Over the last year, George Wingrove, third year Business Management & Marketing student at Nottingham Trent, has been employed as our Marketing Assistant in the London office.

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Keep up or risk it all - the rise of specialist technology in fund administration
2018 | 23 Aug 2018

Microsoft Excel's prevalence within the asset management industry could be on the slide, and so could the fund administrators who continue to use it instead of specialist fund accounting technology.

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Consultancy Meeting cropped.jpeg
Escrows explored - what are they and how can they be of benefit?
2018 | 23 Aug 2018

Ocorian's Director of Transaction Management, Chris Wilson, addresses the question of why transaction parties may require the services of an escrow agent.

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Part Two - How to avoid family disputes when transferring wealth
2018 | 16 Aug 2018

As Family Offices continue to evolve, the private wealth industry is coming up with innovative ways to mitigate the risk of conflict escalating into major issues.

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Stats and Aircraft.jpeg
If interest rates continue to rise, where to next for aircraft leasing?
2018 | 09 Aug 2018

People are now questioning whether the cyclical nature of aircraft leasing has in fact been redefined...

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Is your Employee Benefit Trust fit for purpose, or is it time for a review?
2018 | 06 Aug 2018

When it comes to corporate financial administration, the Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) tends to be left alone. Research happens, it gets set up, and then it is rarely reviewed for suitability yet left in place for years and years, only to be changed if somet...

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The real risks of directorship in real estate
2018 | 31 Jul 2018

Real estate investment comes with inherent risks, and any director who sits on a board that owns or runs an asset must be aware of these risks or face the consequences.

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Mystery Boss.jpeg
The Great Unveiling - Ultimate Beneficial Owners
2018 | 25 Jul 2018

It may soon be a legal requirement for every corporate and other legal entity in Ireland to make the identity of their true owner accessible to the public.

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Taxing Capital Gains in UK Real Estate - What does it mean for non-UK resident investors?
2018 | 23 Jul 2018

Ocorian's Director in Real Estate Nick Terry, evaluates HMRC's official response to consultations with industry bodies regarding taxing Capital Gains made by non-UK resident investors in UK Real Estate.

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Part One - Why are Family Offices on the rise?
2018 | 19 Jul 2018

Following July's International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA) Family Office seminar, Ocorian's Family Office expert and opening session moderator Richard Joynt, explores why Family Offices are experiencing a surge in popularity.

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Are you striving for operational excellence?
2018 | 12 Jul 2018

In the pursuit of operational excellence, an increasing number of investors and asset managers are engaging with specialist third parties to install oversight and control of their fund administration and accounting tasks. Ocorian's Richard Hansford explores...

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WEB LARGE - NickTerry.jpg
From hedging to value impact, these are the reasons why investors choose real estate
2018 | 09 Jul 2018

A qualified chartered surveyor with almost 20 years’ experience in the industry, Ocorian Client Director for Real Estate Nick Terry looks at the reasons why some choose to invest in real estate.

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The future of employee share ownership in Ireland
2018 | 06 Jul 2018

Following Ocorian's attendance at the Irish ProShare Association's (IPSA) Employee Share Ownership Day (ESOD) and Awards evening at the Google Ireland headquarters, Elaine Kennedy stresses the importance of share ownership plans within small and medium size...

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The evolving role of the CFO
2018 | 25 Jun 2018

Amid a restless regulatory environment, Ocorian's Richard Hansford attended the CFO Forum in Lisbon this month to gauge how the role of the CFO is evolving and how outsourcing can ease their increasing burden.

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How agile is your corporate trustee?
2018 | 31 May 2018

With the launch of Ocorian’s new corporate trust services, Alan Booth - MD of Ocorian UK, reveals why we’ve moved into the area.

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fund admin.png (1)
WHAT'S IN A NAME? Selecting and appointing a fund administrator
2018 | 25 May 2018

In selecting a fund administrator, two key factors dominate above all else: reputation and relevant expertise.

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Top 5 Drivers for Jurisdiction choice.png
Where next for funds and investment structures - and what drives that choice?
2018 | 16 May 2018

How do fund managers choose the jurisdiction for their funds and investment structures? And why does Luxembourg remain so popular?

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OUTSOURCING: Sharing the administrative load
2018 | 11 May 2018

In our recent study, 1 in 4 fund managers highlighted an increased need to outsource fund administration to focus on core competences.

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Vintage lantern - 108802017.jpeg
RAMADAN: How to do business in the Middle East during the holiest month
2018 | 05 May 2018

Cultural awareness is recommended whenever you’re doing business outside of your home country - even small things can make a big difference to your relationships - but when it comes to the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, knowing the culture is essential if y...

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THE RISE OF THE MACHINES: The increasing role of technology
2018 | 02 May 2018

According to our research, 70% of fund managers believe that smart technology will play an increasingly significant role in all areas of fund management and administration.

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8 things to consider before moving onshore that have nothing to do with tax
2018 | 30 Apr 2018

Ahead of speaking at this week's Investment Property Forum event in London, Ocorian's Simon Burgess, Head of Global Alternative Investments, discusses the future of real estate investment held offshore.

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CHANGING TIMES: The impact of political and regulatory measures
2018 | 26 Apr 2018

Increased regulatory pressure coupled with political uncertainty in the form of Brexit is prompting a review of operations and an uplift in jurisdictional shift.

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top trends.png
TOP 3 TRENDS: The future of Private Equity and Real Estate Fund Administration
2018 | 24 Apr 2018

In our new briefing paper, ‘The future of Private Equity and Real Estate funds administration' we review the current challenges and opportunities facing the administration of PE and RE funds and look ahead to future developments.

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City of London.jpg
Brexit brings a review, but unlikely to bring long-term negatives to UK funds market
2018 | 17 Apr 2018

With the timing of the Transitional deal agreed, Richard Hansford, Ocorian’s Director for Alternative Investments, says the UK funds market is still open for business.

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EU Flag.jpg
Will Brexit necessitate more creativity in portfolios?
2018 | 10 Apr 2018

The ever-present Brexit juggernaut continues to roll on. Richard Hansford, Ocorian’s Director for Alternative Investments, ponders the impact of the transitional period on the private equity and real estate markets.

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More hope, but volatility still sees South Africa's wealthy looking to offshore trusts
2018 | 03 Apr 2018

South Africa might be the most developed economy in Africa, but it faces a lot of well-documented issues. Ahead of the STEP South Africa conference, Ocorian’s Global Head of Private Client - and native South African - Grant Barbour looks at how wealthy Sout...

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London skyline.png
Europe is giving securitisation a second chance - but where does London fit in?
2018 | 28 Mar 2018

While Europe celebrates another step forward with the Capital Markets Union, London is left wondering exactly how it can fit in post-Brexit. As Managing Director of Ocorian UK, Alan Booth brings us up to speed on developments.

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The life-cycle of a Family Office
2018 | 27 Mar 2018

All families are different and so too are their requirements when managing their family wealth. As a family extends – be it generationally, geographically or both – its needs and wants of a family office will evolve and change, as Ocorian’s Richard Joynt explains.

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B&W WEB LARGE - SimonBurgess.jpg
Keeping it Real
2018 | 22 Mar 2018

Reflecting on last week’s successful MIPIM conference in Cannes, Ocorian’s Global Head of Alternative Investments - Simon Burgess - shares his insights and highlights.

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Where to Locate a Family Office: 5 Key Factors to Consider
2018 | 20 Mar 2018

In the past, high net worth families have often established their family offices in their home jurisdiction but those habits are changing. A more geographically dispersed family network and differing priorities across generations are leading to a more global outlook when it comes to locating their family office, as Ocorian’s Richard Joynt explains.

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Slide1.PNG (79)
What is a Family Office?
2018 | 13 Mar 2018

An increasing number of families are looking to Family Offices to help manage and protect their wealth. However not all Family Offices are the same with different types of office delivering everything from straightforward life administration to complex inve...

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Family Investment Companies
2018 | 22 Feb 2018

Family investment companies are fast becoming a popular alternative to trusts in wealth and succession planning, but what are the benefits and when should they be considered? Ocorian's Amy Collins compares the options.

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Real Estate and The UK Register of Trusts - what you need to know
2017 | 14 Dec 2017

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Rudy Tan Insight
Change or be changed: The Trustee industry must adapt before it gets disrupted
2017 | 30 Nov 2017

Rudy Tan, Managing Director at Singapore Trust Company, a subsidiary of Ocorian, and Vice-President of the Singapore Trustees Association, provides his thoughts on what’s happening to the trustee industry.

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Budget Insight Image
Budget 2017: How will the UK Government’s proposed capital gains tax changes impact overseas real estate investors?
2017 | 27 Nov 2017

Following last week’s Budget announcement, institutional investors in UK real estate could now face a capital gains tax levy on the disposal of all types of property – not just domestic.

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It’s more challenging to grow family wealth in Asia
2017 | 07 Nov 2017

New regulations mean wealth creation is becoming less of a priority for Asian families. Instead, they are turning to simple wealth preservation to protect the future, writes Rudy Tan, Managing Director at Singapore Trust Company, a subsidiary of Ocorian.

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New Investors and New Growth - Is Irish Aviation Finance Booming for the Better?
2017 | 06 Jul 2017

As a leading market in aviation finance, Ireland has seen unprecedented growth in recent years - but is this growth sustainable and what impact will forthcoming changes have for those looking to maximise a high yield of return?

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Fund Administration: DIY or Delegate to a Specialist?
2017 | 27 Jun 2017

Reliable fund administration is key to a successful investment platform. The growth in private equity, real estate and infrastructure investment managers opting to outsource their back-office fund administration continues to gather pace.

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Substance - ESMA raises the stakes
2017 | 20 Jun 2017

As David Davis starts UK Brexit negotiations in Brussels this week with a "positive and constructive" state of mind, despite the General Election result, ESMA continues to push back, turning its attention to the topic of "Substance".

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Brexit image
UK goes to the Polls and ESMA issues Brexit Opinion
2017 | 08 Jun 2017

Private Equity and Real Estate Fund Managers with operations in the UK are faced with the prospect of having to change their current operating models to protect their businesses in the face of Brexit, whether hard or soft.

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Real Estate B&W2.png
The drive for greater transparency - Who owns that property?
2016 | 02 May 2017

UK Government issues call for evidence on beneficial ownership register of non-UK ownership of UK property

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Substance to remain under the regulatory and political microscope
2016 | 08 Aug 2016

With the constant onslaught of compliance requirements and regulation from various local, national and international bodies and governments all over the world, the theme of substance remains a key topic of discussion in the alternative investment industry.

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The threat of cyber-attack is real and cannot be ignored
2016 | 05 Jul 2016

Many regulatory bodies and industry associations have highlighted, and continue to highlight the importance of cyber security. From the SEC in the US to the BVCA in the UK, the threat posed by cyber risks are real and can have a significant impact on compan...

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Competition for capital in the alternative investment market
2016 | 04 Mar 2016

It is safe to say that the competition for capital in the real estate and private equity industry is as competitive as it has ever been. With an ever-growing list of funds on the road seeking new capital; performance opens the door, but to win capital from ...

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The evolving role of the CFO at real estate and private equity houses
2016 | 15 Jan 2016

Over the last number of years, in particular since the global financial crisis, the role of the CFO at real estate and private equity asset management firms has evolved. The CFO's of today are not only responsible for tactically handling the day-to-day issu...

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Private equity and real estate firms drive for timely and transparent reporting
2016 | 16 Nov 2015

The development of the Real Estate and Private Equity industry in recent years, coupled with an ever-evolving regulatory landscape and an investor base typically spanning multiple jurisdictions, has resulted in many firms adopting a more complex investment ...

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