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The drive for greater transparency - Who owns that property?
2016 | 02 May 2017

UK Government issues call for evidence on beneficial ownership register of non-UK ownership of UK property

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Substance to remain under the regulatory and political microscope
2016 | 08 Aug 2016

With the constant onslaught of compliance requirements and regulation from various local, national and international bodies and governments all over the world, the theme of substance remains a key topic of discussion in the alternative investment industry.

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The threat of cyber-attack is real and cannot be ignored
2016 | 05 Jul 2016

Many regulatory bodies and industry associations have highlighted, and continue to highlight the importance of cyber security. From the SEC in the US to the BVCA in the UK, the threat posed by cyber risks are real and can have a significant impact on compan...

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Competition for capital in the alternative investment market
2016 | 04 Mar 2016

It is safe to say that the competition for capital in the real estate and private equity industry is as competitive as it has ever been. With an ever-growing list of funds on the road seeking new capital; performance opens the door, but to win capital from ...

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The evolving role of the CFO at real estate and private equity houses
2016 | 15 Jan 2016

Over the last number of years, in particular since the global financial crisis, the role of the CFO at real estate and private equity asset management firms has evolved. The CFO's of today are not only responsible for tactically handling the day-to-day issu...

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Private equity and real estate firms drive for timely and transparent reporting
2016 | 16 Nov 2015

The development of the Real Estate and Private Equity industry in recent years, coupled with an ever-evolving regulatory landscape and an investor base typically spanning multiple jurisdictions, has resulted in many firms adopting a more complex investment ...

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