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"It is now an expectation for firms to have a modern and reliable technological infrastructure in place"

Are you striving for operational excellence?

12 Jul 2018

In the pursuit of operational excellence, an increasing number of investors and asset managers are engaging with specialist third parties to install oversight and control of their fund administration and accounting tasks. Ocorian's Richard Hansford explores why and where this technological expertise is helping CFOs to ring the changes.

Seamless technological functionality goes a long way to providing operational excellence, and it was the growing influence of technology in the asset management industry that was high on the agenda at last month's CFO Forum in Lisbon.

It's clear that operational technology plays a critical role in both investors and asset managers' decisions. In particular, when CFOs and COOs look to create operational excellence they focus on two key areas:

  • Investor and asset manager interactions: Investors want more transparency and more interaction with the GPs with who they work. As a result, online portals are becoming increasingly popular to help deliver information quickly and efficiently.
  • Ongoing fund operations: Using manual spreadsheets, like Excel, can raise risk issues not just with version control but the ease with which data can be manipulated. Risk is a vital driving factor behind a CFO's choice of administrator. Many prefer to engage with administrators that utilise specialist administration and accounting software to not only drive efficiency and saleability, but to provide innovative ways to present the data.

Excellence as the norm

It is now an expectation for firms to have a modern and reliable technological infrastructure in place. Companies who fail to keep up with the evolving demands of the industry and establish an appropriate control environment run the risk of making countless administrative errors and experiencing external compliance issues. Never has it been more critical to stay on top of the demands of the market, with independent third party providers now an integral part of the process.

Ensuring operational excellence

At Ocorian we can support asset management clients regardless of the complexity of investment or fund structure. We utilise dedicated industry-relevant technology that allows our fund administrators to initiate tasks through system-generated workflows, providing our clients with a robust administration and accounting solution.

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