Bedell Family Office assists client syndicate in private equity investment

04 Jul 2013

Bedell Family Office has recently assisted two of its client families in completing a significant investment in a private on-line retail firm headquartered in Jersey.

The Jersey-based firm, which has seen a period of rapid expansion was looking for new external investment to assist with its continuing growth. Two of the clients of Bedell Family Office possess experience in this sector and therefore came together in a syndicate to provide capital investment and expertise to develop the business further.

Bedell Family Office assisted the families in negotiating the terms of the investment and documenting the main terms of the agreement. They worked seamlessly with Bedell Cristin who were the syndicate’s appointed corporate and employment lawyers. The transaction completion time, from the initial agreement of main terms to the capital injection, was a swift seven weeks.

The investee company has subsequently consulted with Bedell Cristin on methods of protecting Intellectual Property whilst working with outside IT consultants. Bedell Family Office has also subsequently seconded a member of its team for three day per week to act as the company’s interim Finance Director. This demonstrates Bedell Family Office’s flexibility, broad spectrum of skills and an ability to get involved and add value to their clients’ businesses.

“We were delighted with the way that the Family Office and Legal teams worked seamlessly together to execute a great transaction in such a short timeframe. They demonstrated that they are very experienced in this area but also showed that they have commercial sense and a desire to get things done in tight timeframes. We were very happy with the way they handled the transaction.” - Client Family.