Bedell Fund Services implements leading industry software

30 Jan 2013

Bedell Fund Services has recently implemented the latest version of the eFront solution for fund administrators – FrontInvest.

eFront is widely recognised as one of the leading software providers of dedicated technology solutions for the alternative investment industry which supports the monitoring (and reporting) of a fund's activity throughout its lifecycle.

After an extensive review of the various fund administration technology solutions from the leading industry providers, eFront was selected due to its intelligent core platform and its ability to provide:

  • Full front, middle, and back office administration based on individual client requirements
  • Real time client access through a secure environment
  • Consistent evolution of technology platform in response to new industry practices and client requirements
  • Bespoke reporting and communications based on investor requirements.

The eFront platform is highly configurable and Bedell Fund Services worked with eFront to design a platform that utilises its inherent functionality whilst developing it in such a way that it meets the needs of the funds administered by Bedell Fund Services and incorporates operating procedures that match current industry standards. Administration and accounting activities are fully integrated and fund/investor reporting can be facilitated either directly from the platform or via a web portal. In a revolutionary manner, Bedell Fund Services and eFront together developed a means of remotely accessing the platform in an intelligent and secure manner. This can be utilised by clients (fund promoters) wishing to have real-time read only access to the platform to review the records of the fund in a secure environment. This facility extends to the generation of reports. It successfully removes the need for the duplication of records and significantly enhances their ability to monitor fund performance.

By implementing FrontInvest, Bedell Fund Services has been able to adopt robust and sound business and technology processes and by taking new releases of the product remain current with technology developments and offer clients the very latest in fund administration capability.

Michael Robinson, Managing Director at Bedell Fund Services, commented,

"We are delighted to have in place a dedicated technology solution that enables us to provide market leading industry practices to our existing and potential clients. Due to the manner in which we have integrated the software into our operating model, we are able to take advantage of the various software updates provided by eFront in order to ensure that we will always be able to service our clients utilising a market leading fund administration solution."

Philippe Verboogen, COO FrontInvest Continental Europe, commented,

"Bedell Fund Services came to us with a clear set of requirements in relation to the software functionality that was needed. Following a positive working relationship, Bedell Fund Services now have in place one of the most advanced software solutions for the provision of real estate and private equity fund administration services, which not only supports continued technology enhancements, but also, the service can be tailored to the unique needs of individual clients."

For further information about the enhanced capabilities of Bedell Fund Services following the implementation, please contact Michael Robinson.

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