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"Corporate Trust and Agency at Ocorian has arrived!"

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15 Jun 2018

This month’s Global ABS 2018 in Barcelona provided the ultimate platform for us to launch our new Corporate Trust offering. To the sound of popping corks and unseasonal rumbles of thunder - there was no doubt that we had come to create a storm!

The interest and warm welcome Ocorian received from all corners of the market surpassed our expectations and validates our view that this is the right time for a new and dynamic trust and agency provider.

Regulatory strangulation

The transaction banks continue to be hampered by regulation, previously this was a thorn in their side slowing down their time to market, however it is now so invasive that it has dramatically reduced their commercial appetite. 

Investors are showing fatigue with the status quo, they want trustees to be collaborative, communicative and engaged - something that flies in the face of the traditional trustee methodology.

Traditional vs Esoteric

There was some chatter about esoteric structures and asset classes but the burden of intensifying regulation in the public market ensures that the vast majority of flow is through well-established structures: RMBS and more substantially pan-European CLOs.


Ocorian's very own Sally Gilding made a splash on the Diversity in Finance Roundtable event. Speaking alongside fellow industry heavyweights, she said that if businesses really believed gender diversity to be a pillar of success, then surely the glacial pace of progress would’ve seen many more senior heads roll by now? After all, why would you let a business imperative fail over and over again?

She believes that there is a need to create new ways of working, living and doing business that suit both men and women; it is not a women's issue but rather a business issue.

However, according to Sally, there is light on the horizon with a new generation of people who now 'get it'; one that will champion this rebalance in a more subtle and sophisticated way without the need for a ‘diversity network’.

In summary

All in all, the conference was a fantastic opportunity for us to demonstrate what sets us apart: our unparalleled agility and commercial acumen. 

Corporate Trust and Agency at Ocorian has arrived!

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