Board Portal Solution

Introducing our new Board Portal solution

Ocorian uses Board Intelligence, the leader in secure board information technology, to collate and distribute your most sensitive of board material. Through a dedicated mobile application, you can securely access a full library of materials anytime, anywhere. Meaning, wherever you are in the world you can review papers ahead of the meeting, make and share your comments all whilst harnessing the power of secure technology.

Why should you use a Board Portal solution?

Taking board papers and meetings digital doesn’t just mean using e-mail and PDF. Ocorian have chosen a dedicated secure solution that delivers far more in technology enabled features and functionality. Robust permissions, security and version control ensures you can access your most confidential information wherever you are whilst using an app with the papers on your device while you are traveling. Ocorian conducted its own extensive research within the market and we are confident that using this portal ensures ease of use, provides offline/online access, searchability and is supported by a dedicated 24/7 team of highly trained agents.



Ease of Navigation

With an interactive agenda, you can navigate through your Board Pack quickly and easily. Jump to a specific section of your agenda, scroll to a table using the carousel or simply type in the page number you require.


Make notes throughout your pack with a range of annotation options (text, highlight, draw and sticky). This commentary can then be shared with your fellow Board members ahead of a meeting. Your pack gets updated? Not a problem, your existing notes are carried over to the new pack.

Digital Library

With a flexible bookcase structure, you can easily navigate to your required pack – whether current or historic. There is no limit to the number of files you can store. If you sit on multiple boards then they will all be in one place.


Are you looking for a certain phrase or word within a pack? The global search function allows you to search not only in your current pack but also your entire library.

Version Control

Board packs are always changing and while using the app you can be sure that you are viewing the latest version of the document.

Offline Access

Packs are downloaded to your device, so you can work seamlessly while traveling in and out of connection. The next time your device connects everything you do will be saved and updated.

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