Whether it’s to make a long-term commitment to philanthropic causes in general, or with a more specific objective in mind, many wealthy individuals like to structure their affairs to include provision for philanthropy. We have extensive experience in establishing and administering various structures with philanthropic objectives, and provide trustees for many charities with a range of beneficiaries. These vary from private arrangements to structures that are closely connected to large public charities.

Our service offering includes:

  • Establishment of the philanthropic structure
  • Liaising with external advisers and auditors
  • Interviewing for senior appointments to the charity's management team
  • Monitoring of the financial position of the charity and assessing long-term financial performance and sustainability
  • Communication with regulators where required
  • Liaising with co-funders and donors to achieve a consistent message and ensure that the work of the charity is well supported
  • Value for money assessments and "payback" calculations
  • Attendance at charity trustee meetings
  • Administration of the philanthropic structure
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